My name is John Conyers and I have been a Retirement Planner for 36 years, helping folks just like you plan for their retirement future. Clients that I exclusively work with are committed to achieving lifetime financial security with minimal risk or worry. Not only are my client's confident that their retirement is guaranteed to succeed. They are secure in the knowledge that their retirement income will last as long as they live and their assets are protected from market volatility with the ability to participate in the upside of the market. If accomplishing what you want to do rather than what someone else wants you to do is important, then I want to be your FINANCIAL ADVOCATE when it comes to retirement. I will put your interest before mine. Each client receives personal attention and significant time is devoted to understanding you on an individual basis while learning everything there is to know about your financial state and perspective, and your requirements. Taking time to answer all your questions and educate you on all the pros and cons of each strategy is a priority of my business. I believe in full disclosure in all that we do. These are essential to providing advice you can count on. If this is the type of retirement strategy that interests you, then you qualify to be one of my clients and I can be of assistance.

About John Conyers

The Money Doctor

John has established a practice as a Financial Architect, helping his clients achieve the retirement lifestyle they want with guaranteed results, no surprises. He has been working exclusively with happy seniors and their families who are serious about safety and proven results. He provides expert advise on navigating the difficult process of retirement planning and implementation of the correct strategy. John is a member of the Advisory Board for SENIOR MARKET ADVISOR. He is a Chapter President of SOFA a National Non Profit Educational Speakers Bureau. He is Ed Slott trained on IRA'S and qualified money with 36 years of experience in the industry. John resides in Fairfield, Ohio with his loving wife Lin.